February 05, 2009


There's something about an apology that always sounds off, no matter how sincere you may be on the inside. It generally sounds like
-"I'm just saying this to end the fight/shut you up"
-"I'm giving up"
-"I'll say whatever it takes to get back to my game/my book"

Gord and I were discussing this tonight and we have a solution. Gord came up with the name Randy-gram, btw. If this takes off, he wants 1/2 the credit.

Randy Travis is the only man on earth who sounds sincere no matter what he says.
When he says "I'm gonna love you forever and ever", you can't help but believe it.

When he says "The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup", you believe that too.

So what we're proposing is a website where you could send Randy an apology, he would record it and email you the audio file. When you played this for whomever you have wronged, they would instantly forgive you. Because Randy just sounds so damn sincere.

Exhibit A is going to make you want to grab your honey and do the two step, so get ready.


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