February 27, 2009

World domination

Angela's warm weather made it up here. It's raining and +6! Between the two of us, I think we can pick up where Sean Connery left off in that terrible Avengers movie. World domination through weather manipulation here we come. Maybe we'll save the giant teddy bear costumes for the after party.

Another reason to celebrate - Gord and I finally finished our incredibly scratchy toilet paper. Way back in September, we were out getting survival supplies, and found ourselves facing a wall of toilet paper that was easily as long as a basketball court. When confronted with so many choices, we panicked. Like deer in the headlights. Why should there be 400 choices of toilet paper? WHY!? We grabbed a gigantor pack because we drove to the store instead of walking, and thought we'd stock up. And we got something that was recycled, because it's toilet paper for craps sake, you know what we're using it for. Unbeknownst to us, we also got something that was 80% sandpaper.

We suffered in silence for months, neither of us wanting to complain, because there's no way we were going to throw all that tp out. And what else could we use it for? Blowing noses was worse than wiping butts. We are too old to tp the neighbors house.

So here we are in February - that's 6 months of tp torture - and yesterday I put on the last roll of sandpaper. To avoid this kind of mishap in the future, we have a new house rule. Forget recycled, forget sales, all we search for now are the packages with kittens on them. Kittens, or bears, or some other cute fluffy thing you'd never use to wipe your ass. Lesson learned -You're never too poor for good toilet paper.

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