February 02, 2009

Traffic fairies

Last night we made the best discovery. There's a 24 hour McDonalds a 5 minute drive from here. So much for all that walking in the snow. What's a girl to do when you can satisfy your cheeseburger cravings at any time of the day? Resign yourself to bigger pants, that's what.

When I broke the internet last week, Gord somehow managed to put it back better than before. We had never been able to have both laptops connected to the internet before, because our wireless was crap. But now, thanks to my incompetence and Gord's perseverance (good combo) we can have both laptops working off the wireless, and it doesn't take 2 hours to load a page. HAH! No more guilt on my part when I want to spend 3 hours window shopping the internet. No more guilt for Gord when he wants to play Xbox live.

And I completely forgot to move the car this morning. Being on the wrong side of the street costs $40. So I bolt up in a panic way after 9AM and rush outside to find that the traffic fairies have either been kind, or not been at all.

To celebrate this good fortune, I watched 4 episodes of CBC's Being Erica. It's been advertised ad nauseum, so I thought I would bite, and it's good eating. It's Canadian, which means it has 1/2 the cast of Degrassi, and a bunch of other stock players you will recognize from other shows. Canada only has 25 actors and they just pass from one set to another. The premise is interesting, Erica has a list of huge mistakes in her past that she obsesses over, and her therapist (?) somehow allows her to go back in time and make different choices. Who wouldn't take that chance if offered? All the episodes are online, I don't know if it works for anyone outside of Canada or not, like stupid ABC Family and their policy of holding The Secret Life of the American Teenager hostage every week just because I don't live in the US. I know there's some jackassy bureaucratic reason for it, but all that does is force me to watch it on Megavideo, where I don't get the benefit of all the ABC Family advertisers. Self defeating much? We've already established that I am open to suggestion. I see a cheeseburger commercial @ 2AM on a Sunday, I google '24 hour McDonalds Montreal'. I'm an advertisers dream, except for the whole being poor thing.

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