February 13, 2009

Double whammy

Dollhouse is on tonight, check it out if you're going to be home. Joss Whedon has never failed to impress, and I doubt he's starting now. And then - all kinds of crazy shit is happening on Battlestar Galactica. I can't even process it all.

If you aren't already watching this show, you need to start. Forget whether or not you like sci-fi. Ask yourself if you like strong character driven drama that is socially relevant. Maybe you like sexy women - BSG has the sexiest women on tv. Feminist? The best pilot in the fleet is played by Katee Sackhoff, and a woman president. Mystery lover? There are 12 Cylons (Robots that look human) but no one knows who they are.

Look, there are fabulous and hilarious recaps of the seasons on the internet, and I would post them for you, but if you watch the recaps, you will want to watch the show, only ALL THE SURPRISES WILL BE RUINED. Yeah, I had to shout that, it's that tragic. So here's what you do. Next time you're sick, and have to spend a day or two on the couch anyway, you send your significant other or your helper monkey down to the video store (or you download the bit torrent) to get the 4 part miniseries, and watch it. It will make you better, I promise.

Here's the promo for the miniseries, because it doesn't give away too many secrets.

If you didn't get goosebumps watching that, you're probably dead inside.


Modris said...

Don't you feel sorry for all those people who don't have an awesome brother to loan them the mini-series and get them hooked on the Best TV Show Ever ever? Sorry, Firefly, if you had made it another year or two you might have kept the title, but not this time.

Lisa said...

I do feel sorry for everyone who doesn't have such an awesome brother. But you have so little free time, I'm not sharing!

And I like the fact that Space is letting the writers tell the story they want to tell, without trying to fuck it up for ratings. Can you imagine if they'd made Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff guest star? Starbuck would have shot them out an airlock. ...Actually, I might pay good money to see a skit like that.


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