January 30, 2009


Here's the thing about me. I'm stupid. I stay up very very late on Monday and Wednesday nights because I don't have class til 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and can pretty much sleep until 3 if I so choose. No biggie. I make it to class.

But Tuesday and Thursday nights, I am not tired, I end up getting a whopping 3 or 4 hours of sleep before I have to be in French class at 10am. I thought I was ok. I made it through Wednesday's class. Today, I felt like I'd swapped brains with old W.

We start every class with role call, in French, and the professeur asks everyone a question using some of the terms we learned in the previous class. It's great practice, and we all learn a lot. Today, I'm sitting in class, waiting for my double double to cool to a drinkable temp, and I'm trying so very hard to stay awake, to pay attention, to understand what my classmates are saying......and I think to myself,

"Why is it so hard? It's like they're speaking a different language..."

I expect my official Idiot certificate is in the mail.

At the back of the roadhouse

They got some buffaloes.

I used to think that's what Jim Morrison was singing. When you're 7, most lyrics sound like nonsense. Besides, you're coming from a musical background wherein women swallow horses to deal with flies. Of course there are buffaloes behind the roadhouse. And "Just for the people who like to go down slow" was there because 'slow' kind of rhymed with 'buffalo', not because the sentence had any meaning in itself.

Other things I didn't understand when I was young - why I couldn't watch Dirty Dancing. I could give a shit for the romance, all the kissing crap, blech, who cares? I just wanted to watch the dancing! But mom said no, and I figured it was because the blond girl had that operation to remove her appendix. That's what was happening, right? She had appendicitis?

I swear I was 15 before I realized she was having an abortion in that scene.

Other stupid things I believed as a child:

- Star Wars was the news from outer space. It looked so official with that yellow text scrolling by.

- that World War 2 was still going on in Europe, that they'd never got out of the 40's.

- that they stopped making music when Buddy Holly died. That one is dad's fault, he TOLD me they stopped making music when Buddy Holly died, and I believed everything he said. Plus, there was that song about "the day the music died" to back him up.

- that it was "Elmer the Fudd", not Elmer Fudd. Dad again. I still have to concentrate to say it correctly.

- that I was missing pages of Anne's House of Dreams and Anne of Ingleside. She kept popping out babies, but NO WHERE did I ever see it written that she was pregnant. A baby would show up, and I'd flip back pages, perturbed with myself for missing the bit where she tells her friends she's pregnant, or even just 'expecting'. I could never find it. There was vague mention of 'what we hope will come'.....and? And from that I'm supposed to know? I guess it was the highest indelicacy to mention such things in a childrens book back then, and I'm (mostly) over it now, but good god. I was confused enough as a child without Lucy Maud Montgomery convincing me I couldn't even read properly.

Anyhoo.....have a great weekend, and don't forget - if you have access to a child, rush out and tell them lies! It'll give them something to blog about later in life. ;)

January 29, 2009

Titles are boring

Hell's Kitchen is back, trying to kill my faith in humanity with all the whining and scheming and backstabbing and profanity, but YOU CAN'T DO IT, FOX. Barack Obama is on CNN every minute of every day, being awesome and making the world better, and even the soulless jerkoffs at Fox can't stop him.

They can, however, stop Joss Whedon's new show. I think we should start a 'save the show' campaign right now, just because. Because it's Fox, and Joss Whedon, and they like to crush him into a bloody pulp. I haven't seen the show, but on the strength of Buffy and Firefly, and because Eliza Dushku is the shit, and because it's got Helo, I'm really looking forward to the Dollhouse. It starts Friday, February 13th, and I KNOW you guys think you should go out and have a life on Friday nights, especially if its the night before Preposterous Mandatory Love Day, but wouldn't you rather see what crazy wonderful little gems Joss has to share with us?


It snowed all day yesterday. The lying internet says 15 - 20 cm's, but I swear there's 2 feet of snow on the top of the car, and - AND - that's only what fell after 4:30 when I slogged through the snow to move the damn car to the right side of the street and had to brush off a foot of snow to do it. Gord claims I am exaggerating, but what does he know? I think the person standing in knee deep snow with her arms buried to the elbow in snow while trying to brush a small avalanche of snow off the windshield has a pretty good idea just how much snow there was.

Walking is treacherous, because you've got a layer of sloppy, mucky snow like wet sand on top of ice, so you step and slide, step and slip, step and slide - another month of this and I'll have buns of steel, or at least buns of less dough.

With all the snow, and the package that arrived today, it was like a mini Christmas. Back in December, I won a blog giveaway from Emerald Arts and with the fabulous speed and dedication we all love, Canada Post delivered it right to my door a mere 7 weeks after it was mailed.

Here are the 2 art books - so creative and beautiful, and you can purchase Volume 2 here -

and Festive Phillip!!! He's so damn adorable, I've got him on my keychain so he can go to school with me. You can get one of his brothers or sisters here.

Thank you, Emeral Arts for making my day! It was such a treat to come home and find these treasures waiting for me.

January 28, 2009

Because I got high

I spent much of the last week high on various cough medicines. I'm blaming them for the fact that I forgot to mail in some of my student loan forms (even though that was 3 weeks ago), the fact that I haven't felt like blogging or replying to any emails, became addicted to Zoo Tycoon, have only been sleeping in 2 hour snippets, broke the internet yesterday and dropped my pizza on the floor cheese side down tonight at dinner. Those drugs have a lot to answer for.

So as a public service announcement, stay away from Dayquil. That shit will fuck you up, and not in a fun way. Much better are the Buckley's capsules - you don't get that god awful taste and you get a gentle sleepy high, not the "oh shit. the room is spinning and I think I've forgotten my name" Dayquil high. As far as I can tell, one hit of orange death takes about a week to get out of your system.

Due to the drug addiction, I haven't done or accomplished much the last week, except for frakking finally finishing Bleak House. Good old Dickens. And I got the giant Jane Austen book today. The only problem with ordering books online is that sometimes you don't notice that they are behemoths and you could never ever read them in the bath. I really should have suspected, since it's 6 books in one, but I thought it would be fatter and smaller. As a bonus, though, I can count it as weight lifting whenever I read it.

I could lie and say I'm going to read the chapter we're covering in class tomorrow, but the truth is I'm going to make a cup of tea and catch up on House. The cough syrup made me forget it was a new episode Monday night, and I stupidly watched 3 reruns of Jon & Kate Plus Eight instead.
Damn Dayquil, I just want my life back!

January 20, 2009


It's all over the tv & internet, and I really don't have anything to add to the day. Here's a cute little article about the kids at the first elementary school named after Barack Obama.

"I think it's really cool that he's president because he gets to stop the Iraq war, which has been going on for so long, and he can bring the troops home," said 11-year-old Maritza Morris, a sixth-grader.

It's strange to think the Iraq war has been going on for half this kids life. And what great faith in the President to believe that all he has to do is give the word and the troops can come home.

But my very favorite quote is Esta Thomas, 10 years old, who said "I think that they renamed the school because they believe that Barack Obama was a great leader to many people such as myself. Because each of us in our school also want to grow up to be president one day."

I was thinking about that. A friend of mine lived in America for a couple years when she was young. She told us that the teacher always made a point of saying to the students that any one of them could grow up to be President, and someone would always point out "But not Amanda, cause she's Canadian!" And I was thinking, I can't remember any teacher of mine ever telling any of us we could grow up to be the Prime Minister. It's a whole different culture here.

I can't imagine any Canadian parent looking at their beloved child and saying "Child of mine, some day you could grow up to be an evil, lying, money grubbing, two faced, backstabbing, jackass, motherfucker who will run this country into the ground, goddamit!"

Cause that's how we feel about our Prime Ministers. There's no real prestige with the job, you're basically just the biggest ass in the country, maybe you get a cream pie in the face, and then you write your boring memoirs, "I was an ass, I stole your money, there's nothing you can do about it now, hahaha, The End".

We tell our kids to be hockey players instead.

January 19, 2009

Much nothing about nothing

It was a balmy -14 today, so we went toque-less. It's practically spring :)

Nothing much happening, except I have the sore throat now, and I'm the one refusing to gargle pee. There's something about being 5 blocks from a pharmacy that makes it seem a bit extreme.

What else? I had some great parking spots today, right in front of Loyola and tonight I found a spot on the right side of the street, so I don't have to move the car til Wednesday. It's all very exciting.

You know what's actually exciting, though? Waiting for the inauguration of Barack Obama. When I get feeling depressed about the rampant stupidity of people, just looking at him gives me hope. I think I'm going to redecorate the living room with Obama posters. In fact, I bet I can get Obama anything over at Etsy.

The last 2 weeks have been full of retail stupidity. Here are my favorites.

Stupid girl "It's my dad's credit card, he said I could use it."
Me "I can't accept any credit card unless the cardholder is here to sign for the purchase."
Stupid girl rolls her eyes, heaves a sigh and pulls out a wad of $50's. "Well, fine, I can pay, but my dad had better pay me back for these books, that's all I can say." And can I assume once she becomes whatever it is she's in school for, she will be reimbursing him for the cost of raising her?

To the multitudes that are talking on their cell - it's rude. Get off, and listen to me when I explain the return policy, or you will become one of the stupid guys & girls we get by the dozens asking "Can I return this without the receipt?"
No. No, you can not. Where on this earth can you do that, you idiot?

Stupid girl "I want to return this. It's new"
...Not after you've highlighted the entire first chapter, hon. And don't tell us you're dropping a course called "Human Sexuality" and returning the textbook called "Human Sexuality" because you didn't know what the class was about. Seriously.

To all the clueless who walk into the store, hand me their book list and say "I need these..."
I am not your personal shopper. Walk your ass around the store and pick up the books your damn self. Yes, princess. That means you and your nasty fake fingernails. Don't roll your eyes at me.

My very, very favorite stupid girl was the one who wanted to buy a calendar for 50% off. You've all seen calendars, right? You know how the back of them shows all the pictures for the months, so there are no surprises....

Stupidest girl "If I don't want this, can I return it?"
If you don't want it, don't buy it. How can life get any easier? These people are why they have to print instructions on each individual toothpick wrapper.

Thank god I'm done in 3 days, so you won't see me on the evening news being arrested for brutally attacking stupid students with a stapler. We have some good heavy ones at work, and by god is it tempting.

January 13, 2009


I know I mentioned last week that there was a finished painting to show, but I'm honestly so busy (no, really, I'm busy. Out of the house and everything.) that I am not posting any new Etsy stuff until after the 23rd, because I can't even get to the post office before it closes most days. Even if I sold something, it would be days before I mailed it. Then there's guilt, and the constant feeling that I've forgotten to do something, etc. etc.

But, can I tell you how awesome Artfire is? I just paid my $7 monthly fee without having to do anything at all. Without even thinking about it. Ha! It comes out of my Paypal account automatically, and I know that kind of thing gives some people the willies, but I can never remember these little inconsequential things, like bills. Or when my last doctors appointment was.
If only visits to the dentist could happen without my knowing it. I'd get a little email notice,

"Hello Lisa,
Congratulations, you have no cavaties. You really need to start flossing. We can tell that you aren't.

your dentist"

Anyway, pics and new shop stuff coming eventually.

Mind over weather

It's snowing again, it's a swirly snowglobe world outside and it's getting COLD. Almost 2 pairs of socks cold. And it's going to be -30 tomorrow. I tried, I really tried, to will some of this down to Mississippi (god, that's fun to type), but I have failed. Maybe I need to know more about air currents for this to work.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to think that what I thought could change how things happened. Like in an airplane, thinking about crashing would make the plane crash. So I focused very very hard on the plane staying up, up, up. Of course, the pink elephant thought was there, but as long as I didn't let the word 'crash' enter the inner monologue, we were fine.

And reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was tough. I got that book for Christmas when I was 9 or 10, and I've read it a lot over the years, but even now, I find myself getting so tense, thinking "What if? What if he doesn't find the golden ticket??!" And part of me honestly thinks that if I don't remain vigilent, the book will change, he won't find the ticket, all the grandparents will die of cold or starvation, the house will fall down, his parents will leave to look for work and never come back, and the last page will just be Charlie, alone and dying in a snowbank.

It's the mark of a really good book that it makes you suspend belief, and my belief has just never come back down to earth.

So I'm going to go put on a thick pair of socks, and think really hard about warmer weather and wind currents. It's bound to work.

January 12, 2009

I amuse myself, and disgust my family :)

One of the books I ordered with my giftcards was Dave Eggers' "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius", and I was thinking about that title today. Ironic or not, I would never have the balls to give a book that title. Of course, I'll never have any kind of balls. Then I started thinking about how strange it is that guys bring balls into everything. A woman would never say
"She's got tubes", or
"the eggs of that woman!" or
"bitch got womb, yo", when we admired the nerve or vivacity of someone.

Although it would be hilarious if one day we all just started greeting each other with
"Hey, girl, how's it flowing?"
And you could reply
"Heavy as horse piss" or
"Light as rain"
depending on how great or crappy your day was.

And I also think, if guys knew what we really thought of testicles, they would not bring up the topic so often. They don't make you look strong or manly at all. They look as tender and vulnerable as baby birds. As though at one point, you had this terrible accident and they couldn't quite put you back together, and now, unfortunately, your inside bits are left to fend for themselves on the outside. It's why we stay with you, I think, to make sure if there are any other accidents, we get you to the hospital on time so you don't have to go through life with your pancreas hanging from your side like another forgotten kiwi fruit.

ps. Sorry to my dad and brother.

January 11, 2009

Millenium hand & shrimp

I had forgotten how hard Sunday nights can be. I find myself at 10 o'clock thinking the weekend wasn't fun enough, not nearly enough fun, we weren't wild and crazy guys, is there anything we can do before morning that will redeem us? Of course, my wild and crazy plan involved debating with Gord the likelihood of a Wendy's still being open at 11 on a Sunday night, and deciding that it wasn't worth going out to check. WOOHOO!

Either way, there's never anything to stop Monday morning from rolling in and bringing the doldrums with it.

Was it only 2 weeks ago that I didn't dread any of the days, didn't care what time it was? Bugrit.

The saving grace for this weekend was that I got 5 new books, and have read 2 of them - Ida B and Operating Instructions, both highly recommended. Actually, read anything of Anne Lamott's, it'll make your week. I feel somewhat refreshed and ready for another round of clock watching. It would just be better if there were cheeseburgers handy.


Friday after french class, I had to find the magic Canada Post office that would take my student loan paperwork and turn it into eventual money. So I took out the campus map and carefully oriented it to match the streets outside, and struck out confidently in the wrong direction.

We walked 3 blocks before we realized the building #'s were going the wrong way, but the good news is we did find a Gap so Gord knows where to go to spend his Christmas giftcards. And we did eventually find the post office and I got everything stamped and signed and sent off, so they can't kick me out of school for not paying the bills.

It's very hard to go through life with no sense of direction. I can't tell where to go from looking at a map. I move by landmarks, as in, ok, we pass the bookstore, then the pastry store with the purple and gold sign, then there's that tree...This works very well for places I've been a couple of times and not at all for going new places. Walking back from the post office, I remembered our walk as - Chinese food, pub, noodle house, bank. You want to know what street we were on? The one with the student loan cashing Canada Post, and the chinese food place, pub, noodle house and bank.

Maybe this is what comes of growing up in the country, and taking the same road to school every day for 12 years. I never knew what Range Road we were on - hell, I think I was 14 before I realized they named the roads around our place. I figured everyone just knew where to go if you told them Holt's road, or Lawrence's or whatever. I guess it never really occured to me that you could go places you hadn't been before. So now I spend about 50% of my time lost, but I'm learning my way around, and at least if I don't know the names of the streets I like, I know what's on them. Chinese food, pub, noodle house, bank....

January 09, 2009

It's all about where you put your tongue

It's 4:30 on a Friday and all I really want is a nap. And for someone else to go get groceries for us, because I just used the last of the milk to make a crappuccino. It's really bad, but I feel obligated to drink it because of the milk situation.

I can't make Gord go because he's sick, and refusing to gargle pee even though I assured him it would work. He's having a nap but if he's really sick tomorrow, I'll try pushing the pee cure again. It's that or go out into the cold cold world in search of medicine and gingerale, and frankly, I've had enough of the outside for one week.

Anyhoo... I just voted for the 2008 weblog awards, although I could only vote in the categories containing blogs I actually read. It's a good site to check out if you want to expand your blog list or just want to be super trendy and read what everyone else is reading. This is how I found Dooce.com last April, and spent many a delightful hour at work reading her entire archives. It was the most fun I ever had at that job, except perhaps the day I watched A Scanner Darkly on my ipod uninterrupted. Hooray for cubicles at the back of the office, if cubicle you must.

And I learned how to pronounce the letter 'e' in french. It's all about where you put your tongue. What I can't get over is how many international students are in our class. I can barely learn french and here they are learning french taught in english when they are native Chinese or Spanish speakers. It makes me feel like a jackass for complaining about any of the lessons.

I'm going to leave you with a creepy little nugget from my Greek Mythology class. You probably all know the myth of King Minos, how he was supposed to sacrifice this magnificent bull to Poseidon, but it was such a fabulous bull that he wanted to keep it. So he sacrificed an inferior bull, thinking he could fool the god, which he obviously couldn't. Poseidon retaliated by making King Minos' wife fall in love with the bull. Pasiphae got Daedalus to make her a hollow wooden bull so she could....yeuch....with the bull. And 9 months later, she had a bouncing baby minotaur. Is that not the grossest thing you've heard today?

Have a good weekend, and don't do anything the ancient Cretans wouldn't do.

January 07, 2009

8 inches

Today I:

- had pink poptarts for breakfast
-went to school
-got in the wrong line for financial aid - in the wrong building, no less
- got me a double double
-went to french class. Our teacher is adorable. She told us today that we would have 2 'controles-surprises' which means, she said, 'at one moment I will tell you "ho, ho, it's time for a quiz!"'.
- got my student ID card
- had pizza
- found the right building and got in the right line for financial aid. Thank god.
- went to work, where Rita told us about Copoli's, home of the 8 inch burger. It's right across the street from our metro station, and we'd seen the sign but never been in. So we stopped tonight, and here it is:

The congealy cup on the side is poutine, and I know it looks like it was already eaten, but I promise you I will never post a picture of regurgitated fries. The burger was pretty good, although I was so hungry I would have happily eaten rocks...if they had cheese on them.

And throughout all these activities, it has snowed. As we were waiting for the bus home tonight, there were a couple of cars stuck in the snowbanks outside Loyola. One poor girl was trying to dig herself out with her windshield scraper, screaming "I FUCKING HATE THIS FUCKING WINTER!!!" I couldn't disagree more. :)

January 06, 2009

Stupid Girl

I finished a painting on Sunday that I'm really happy with, and it looks pretty good, too. You'll have to just trust me on this. I can't post a picture of it because I can't hold my arms up long enough to take a picture. I will be making prints available in my Etsy shop soon, and it will most likely be this months giveaway. I could sell the actual painting, but I won't because I'm stupid and I refuse to fully participate in capitalism even if it would help pay my bills.

I had 2 classes today, and I'm loving Classics. There's no outside work, no reports, no nothing, you just show up to class and write the exams. That's my kind of education. If only learning French were so easy. Since we've moved here, I have managed to pick up one new word - "Prochaine" means 'next', and I only know that because of the metro announcements.
"Prochaine station Vendome" Using my awesome powers of deductive reasoning, I knew that "station" meant 'station' and Vendome is the Metro near us, so Prochaine must mean next. At this rate, I'll be bilingual in approximately.....never. Unless they turn the Metro into Sesame Street and start teaching me a word a day.

January 05, 2009

5 AM

That's what time it was when I decided I couldn't sleep any more this morning. Not because I wasn't tired, but because I'd just had a very disturbing dream in which I had an affair with the guy from Dharma and Greg and gave birth to fish. Lots of floppy, gasping blue fish. It was a lot creepier than it sounds. The only thing to be gained by staying asleep was a descent into dementia, so I got up.

I surfed the internet for a while, packed a lunch, read The Good Fairies of New York and realized I'd bought the wrong transit pass. So I went to the Metro and got myself an Opus card - this little thing will last for years, and I can reload it myself.

Went to work, somehow managing to stay upright for the whole 8 hours. This is noteworthy because the most athletic thing I've done in the last 6 months involved walking 5 blocks to bring back cheese & doughnuts. Also noteworthy is the fact that I can still fit into regular pants. Ones without elastic waistbands or cartoon characters on them.

Came home, had pizza, had hot bath, am blogging & debating whether or not I can stay awake long enough to watch the Canada - Sweden gold medal game. And can anyone tell me where they get those giant flags?

Good GOD, why are they talking to Stephen Harper? He's has to ruin hockey too? Smarmy bastard.

Oh, and Martin Millar, author of Lonely Werewolf Girl & The Good Fairies of New York, has accepted my facebook friend request! :) This is one thing I used to hate about Facebook, that people would 'friend' someone they'd never met just to have the most friends ever. And while I've never actually met or interacted with Mr Millar, I still think it's cool that I'm 'friends' with the man behind 2 of my favorite books. And I'm thinking of making it a prerequisite for all future friends that they write amusing books about alcoholic fairies and laudnum addicted werewolves.

January 03, 2009

We are all doomed.

I was reading about a movie that is coming out called 2012, an end of the world disaster movie from the same guy who gave us 10,000 BC - a movie as historically accurate as The Flintstones.

I personally - and I know you will all take great comfort in this - don't think the world will end in 2012. I am far more worried that the real future of humanity has been foretold by this movie, and the proof is all over the internet. I dare you to pick an article at random and read the comments, and tell me you don't despair for the future.

I'll even save you some time, and post the first 10 comments on the review of 2012 that I just read. If this is humanity in a nutshell, I think I prefer impending doom. (I removed people's names out of faint hope that some of them might be embarrassed by their comments and would appreciate the anonimity.)

  • Comments

  • The Mayans Got the Beginning of Time Wrong

    This movie is just entertainment...for some anyway. Its nothing to get worked up about. Besides, the Mayan Calender puts the beginning of time at around 3000 BC. From what I know of science, time began quite a long time before 3000 BC no? If the Mayans can't get the beginning of time right, its seems likely they might screw up the end of the world as well. I mean how could anyone possibly know when the world ends (however one interprets the meaning of 'the end of the world')?

  • HOPE

    As silly as this film appears to be, I for one hope something like this happens. After "civilized" human life is erased from the planet, Earth will begin to heal. Human beings have demonstrated that "we" are not worthy. "We" have fallen down on the job as stewards of this world. Life of some kind *will* continue after humans are gone. Hopefully, whatever next emerges as "intelligent life," will do a better job. - Learning the old wisdom: "You don't sh*t where you eat." Human beings (the MORON MAJORITY) deserve everything that is coming.

  • Whatever...

    Yeah, yeah. Another disaster movie... whoop de do. The sad thing is, movies like this trivialize very real current problems like a faltering global economy, global climate change and resource depletion. But, you know, those things are just not interesting enough to merit as much attention...

  • To Nick

    Nice to see that you racists can turn anything into a forum to spew your hatred. Remember it's as free country you can always leave

  • Anunaki

    Nobody wants to talk about Niburu because it is real and to make a movie about what is going to happen really would not accomplish distracting the public with a fantasy mock story so as to make it merely a sci-fi story, not reality. We will see wont we

  • same old, same old

    Apocalypse some time or another. Why not now? I think there aren't any writers in Hollowwood anymore. Recently saw The Day The Earth Stood Still. Hell, the 1951 version was written better than this crap.

  • I'm Reliving the 70's!!!

    Possieden flipping, Towers of Inferno, more eatthquakes in L.A. , Jumbo jets with no engines!!! Lord help us, let's recycle the lousey disaster movies from the 70"s all over again. Is this Hollywood's way to "Save the Planet'? Good grief, we're gonna die from boredom!

  • Dale

    Well...take it as you like...this is just a taste of what is to come in or about 2012 (it's much worse)! Ok...I am the "crackpot"! But, you are the idiots (much worse)!

  • Time and Distance

    Sir Isaac Newton also researched 2012 and discovered some correlations between time (as in years) and distance (as in miles), such as 539 miles between the Temple in Jerusalem and a geographical place mentioned in prophecy correlated with 539 years between predicted events. The concept is discussed in the book, "The Temple at the Center of Time." Why not go all out and make a movie about the Second Coming of Christ in Power and Glory in the Clouds of Heaven when the sky is rolled back like a scroll. Talk about special effects. True, no one knows "the day or the hour," but we are warned to know the "seasons." So, what happens if before this movie comes out, the Rapture occurs and one-third of the planet's population is evacuated and 2/3 are left behind? Will those left behind go to see "2012" anyway? Will the Antichrist even allow it to be shown? In spite of Emmerich, think outside the box. It's good for you.

  • 2012 its fun its fact

    crazy man ! the comments were funnier than the script,,whats up with people taking everything so seriously,, cant people go to a move and enjoy the fact that they can sit in a theater and see a movie about the end of the world,,and know its not true,, people get a grip,, enjoy the movie, the little dog is a cutie,

So...not only do we have all the global crises to worry about, apparently the Anti-Christ is going to censor our movies. What an asshole.

January 02, 2009

This is the end

I went grocery shopping today, and for the first time in months had to revert back to picking up food based on it's 'grab & go' quotient. Blech. Do you have any idea how many little yogurt cups I've eaten in my life, not because I like yogurt but because they come in a little package and can be thrown in a bag. How many times I've burned my tongue on those stupid microwavable Campbell's Tomato Soup cups?

Gord and I have been living the high life the last 6 months, at least as far as food goes. We ate what we wanted regardless of prep time or convenience. Soups made from scratch are far, far better than anything canned. We were so thrilled to find chipotle peppers in adobo sauce when we wanted to make Alton Brown's Chili, who cared that it took forever searching the Fruits Rocky Montana? That's the actual store name, I don't know if they just randomly chose some English words and hoped they made sense, or if there's a reason for it. Anyway, now our kitchen is full of granola bars, frozen pizza, canned sauces & soups...

Ah well. Into each life a little rain must fall, right? If it happens to rain stale granola bars, it could be a whole lot worse.

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