January 11, 2009

Millenium hand & shrimp

I had forgotten how hard Sunday nights can be. I find myself at 10 o'clock thinking the weekend wasn't fun enough, not nearly enough fun, we weren't wild and crazy guys, is there anything we can do before morning that will redeem us? Of course, my wild and crazy plan involved debating with Gord the likelihood of a Wendy's still being open at 11 on a Sunday night, and deciding that it wasn't worth going out to check. WOOHOO!

Either way, there's never anything to stop Monday morning from rolling in and bringing the doldrums with it.

Was it only 2 weeks ago that I didn't dread any of the days, didn't care what time it was? Bugrit.

The saving grace for this weekend was that I got 5 new books, and have read 2 of them - Ida B and Operating Instructions, both highly recommended. Actually, read anything of Anne Lamott's, it'll make your week. I feel somewhat refreshed and ready for another round of clock watching. It would just be better if there were cheeseburgers handy.

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