January 13, 2009


I know I mentioned last week that there was a finished painting to show, but I'm honestly so busy (no, really, I'm busy. Out of the house and everything.) that I am not posting any new Etsy stuff until after the 23rd, because I can't even get to the post office before it closes most days. Even if I sold something, it would be days before I mailed it. Then there's guilt, and the constant feeling that I've forgotten to do something, etc. etc.

But, can I tell you how awesome Artfire is? I just paid my $7 monthly fee without having to do anything at all. Without even thinking about it. Ha! It comes out of my Paypal account automatically, and I know that kind of thing gives some people the willies, but I can never remember these little inconsequential things, like bills. Or when my last doctors appointment was.
If only visits to the dentist could happen without my knowing it. I'd get a little email notice,

"Hello Lisa,
Congratulations, you have no cavaties. You really need to start flossing. We can tell that you aren't.

your dentist"

Anyway, pics and new shop stuff coming eventually.

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