January 29, 2009


It snowed all day yesterday. The lying internet says 15 - 20 cm's, but I swear there's 2 feet of snow on the top of the car, and - AND - that's only what fell after 4:30 when I slogged through the snow to move the damn car to the right side of the street and had to brush off a foot of snow to do it. Gord claims I am exaggerating, but what does he know? I think the person standing in knee deep snow with her arms buried to the elbow in snow while trying to brush a small avalanche of snow off the windshield has a pretty good idea just how much snow there was.

Walking is treacherous, because you've got a layer of sloppy, mucky snow like wet sand on top of ice, so you step and slide, step and slip, step and slide - another month of this and I'll have buns of steel, or at least buns of less dough.

With all the snow, and the package that arrived today, it was like a mini Christmas. Back in December, I won a blog giveaway from Emerald Arts and with the fabulous speed and dedication we all love, Canada Post delivered it right to my door a mere 7 weeks after it was mailed.

Here are the 2 art books - so creative and beautiful, and you can purchase Volume 2 here -

and Festive Phillip!!! He's so damn adorable, I've got him on my keychain so he can go to school with me. You can get one of his brothers or sisters here.

Thank you, Emeral Arts for making my day! It was such a treat to come home and find these treasures waiting for me.

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Kate Savage said...

Sweet! I love it when Canada Post actual delivers my goods, especially when they're important things, like presents.

They delivered my passport once, 10 days after I received the notice to pick it up at the post office that afternoon.

Oh Canada Post, you've a stellar sense of humour.


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