January 07, 2009

8 inches

Today I:

- had pink poptarts for breakfast
-went to school
-got in the wrong line for financial aid - in the wrong building, no less
- got me a double double
-went to french class. Our teacher is adorable. She told us today that we would have 2 'controles-surprises' which means, she said, 'at one moment I will tell you "ho, ho, it's time for a quiz!"'.
- got my student ID card
- had pizza
- found the right building and got in the right line for financial aid. Thank god.
- went to work, where Rita told us about Copoli's, home of the 8 inch burger. It's right across the street from our metro station, and we'd seen the sign but never been in. So we stopped tonight, and here it is:

The congealy cup on the side is poutine, and I know it looks like it was already eaten, but I promise you I will never post a picture of regurgitated fries. The burger was pretty good, although I was so hungry I would have happily eaten rocks...if they had cheese on them.

And throughout all these activities, it has snowed. As we were waiting for the bus home tonight, there were a couple of cars stuck in the snowbanks outside Loyola. One poor girl was trying to dig herself out with her windshield scraper, screaming "I FUCKING HATE THIS FUCKING WINTER!!!" I couldn't disagree more. :)

1 comment:

Angela said...

WoW! That is the biggest burger I have ever seen!

Please send snow to Mississippi...it sucks here. It was 70 degrees on Christmas Eve.


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