January 20, 2009


It's all over the tv & internet, and I really don't have anything to add to the day. Here's a cute little article about the kids at the first elementary school named after Barack Obama.

"I think it's really cool that he's president because he gets to stop the Iraq war, which has been going on for so long, and he can bring the troops home," said 11-year-old Maritza Morris, a sixth-grader.

It's strange to think the Iraq war has been going on for half this kids life. And what great faith in the President to believe that all he has to do is give the word and the troops can come home.

But my very favorite quote is Esta Thomas, 10 years old, who said "I think that they renamed the school because they believe that Barack Obama was a great leader to many people such as myself. Because each of us in our school also want to grow up to be president one day."

I was thinking about that. A friend of mine lived in America for a couple years when she was young. She told us that the teacher always made a point of saying to the students that any one of them could grow up to be President, and someone would always point out "But not Amanda, cause she's Canadian!" And I was thinking, I can't remember any teacher of mine ever telling any of us we could grow up to be the Prime Minister. It's a whole different culture here.

I can't imagine any Canadian parent looking at their beloved child and saying "Child of mine, some day you could grow up to be an evil, lying, money grubbing, two faced, backstabbing, jackass, motherfucker who will run this country into the ground, goddamit!"

Cause that's how we feel about our Prime Ministers. There's no real prestige with the job, you're basically just the biggest ass in the country, maybe you get a cream pie in the face, and then you write your boring memoirs, "I was an ass, I stole your money, there's nothing you can do about it now, hahaha, The End".

We tell our kids to be hockey players instead.

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