January 13, 2009

Mind over weather

It's snowing again, it's a swirly snowglobe world outside and it's getting COLD. Almost 2 pairs of socks cold. And it's going to be -30 tomorrow. I tried, I really tried, to will some of this down to Mississippi (god, that's fun to type), but I have failed. Maybe I need to know more about air currents for this to work.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to think that what I thought could change how things happened. Like in an airplane, thinking about crashing would make the plane crash. So I focused very very hard on the plane staying up, up, up. Of course, the pink elephant thought was there, but as long as I didn't let the word 'crash' enter the inner monologue, we were fine.

And reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was tough. I got that book for Christmas when I was 9 or 10, and I've read it a lot over the years, but even now, I find myself getting so tense, thinking "What if? What if he doesn't find the golden ticket??!" And part of me honestly thinks that if I don't remain vigilent, the book will change, he won't find the ticket, all the grandparents will die of cold or starvation, the house will fall down, his parents will leave to look for work and never come back, and the last page will just be Charlie, alone and dying in a snowbank.

It's the mark of a really good book that it makes you suspend belief, and my belief has just never come back down to earth.

So I'm going to go put on a thick pair of socks, and think really hard about warmer weather and wind currents. It's bound to work.

1 comment:

Angela said...

Lisa! It is working!!! We have cold air rushing in from (guess where) CANADA!!! It is about 40 degrees now and getting colder! By Friday we should see some very very low temps!! Hey thanks!!! Keep thinking SNOW!


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