January 03, 2009

We are all doomed.

I was reading about a movie that is coming out called 2012, an end of the world disaster movie from the same guy who gave us 10,000 BC - a movie as historically accurate as The Flintstones.

I personally - and I know you will all take great comfort in this - don't think the world will end in 2012. I am far more worried that the real future of humanity has been foretold by this movie, and the proof is all over the internet. I dare you to pick an article at random and read the comments, and tell me you don't despair for the future.

I'll even save you some time, and post the first 10 comments on the review of 2012 that I just read. If this is humanity in a nutshell, I think I prefer impending doom. (I removed people's names out of faint hope that some of them might be embarrassed by their comments and would appreciate the anonimity.)

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  • The Mayans Got the Beginning of Time Wrong

    This movie is just entertainment...for some anyway. Its nothing to get worked up about. Besides, the Mayan Calender puts the beginning of time at around 3000 BC. From what I know of science, time began quite a long time before 3000 BC no? If the Mayans can't get the beginning of time right, its seems likely they might screw up the end of the world as well. I mean how could anyone possibly know when the world ends (however one interprets the meaning of 'the end of the world')?

  • HOPE

    As silly as this film appears to be, I for one hope something like this happens. After "civilized" human life is erased from the planet, Earth will begin to heal. Human beings have demonstrated that "we" are not worthy. "We" have fallen down on the job as stewards of this world. Life of some kind *will* continue after humans are gone. Hopefully, whatever next emerges as "intelligent life," will do a better job. - Learning the old wisdom: "You don't sh*t where you eat." Human beings (the MORON MAJORITY) deserve everything that is coming.

  • Whatever...

    Yeah, yeah. Another disaster movie... whoop de do. The sad thing is, movies like this trivialize very real current problems like a faltering global economy, global climate change and resource depletion. But, you know, those things are just not interesting enough to merit as much attention...

  • To Nick

    Nice to see that you racists can turn anything into a forum to spew your hatred. Remember it's as free country you can always leave

  • Anunaki

    Nobody wants to talk about Niburu because it is real and to make a movie about what is going to happen really would not accomplish distracting the public with a fantasy mock story so as to make it merely a sci-fi story, not reality. We will see wont we

  • same old, same old

    Apocalypse some time or another. Why not now? I think there aren't any writers in Hollowwood anymore. Recently saw The Day The Earth Stood Still. Hell, the 1951 version was written better than this crap.

  • I'm Reliving the 70's!!!

    Possieden flipping, Towers of Inferno, more eatthquakes in L.A. , Jumbo jets with no engines!!! Lord help us, let's recycle the lousey disaster movies from the 70"s all over again. Is this Hollywood's way to "Save the Planet'? Good grief, we're gonna die from boredom!

  • Dale

    Well...take it as you like...this is just a taste of what is to come in or about 2012 (it's much worse)! Ok...I am the "crackpot"! But, you are the idiots (much worse)!

  • Time and Distance

    Sir Isaac Newton also researched 2012 and discovered some correlations between time (as in years) and distance (as in miles), such as 539 miles between the Temple in Jerusalem and a geographical place mentioned in prophecy correlated with 539 years between predicted events. The concept is discussed in the book, "The Temple at the Center of Time." Why not go all out and make a movie about the Second Coming of Christ in Power and Glory in the Clouds of Heaven when the sky is rolled back like a scroll. Talk about special effects. True, no one knows "the day or the hour," but we are warned to know the "seasons." So, what happens if before this movie comes out, the Rapture occurs and one-third of the planet's population is evacuated and 2/3 are left behind? Will those left behind go to see "2012" anyway? Will the Antichrist even allow it to be shown? In spite of Emmerich, think outside the box. It's good for you.

  • 2012 its fun its fact

    crazy man ! the comments were funnier than the script,,whats up with people taking everything so seriously,, cant people go to a move and enjoy the fact that they can sit in a theater and see a movie about the end of the world,,and know its not true,, people get a grip,, enjoy the movie, the little dog is a cutie,

So...not only do we have all the global crises to worry about, apparently the Anti-Christ is going to censor our movies. What an asshole.

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Anonymous said...

You know, people each time enact comments when anything is predicted to happen in 2012, like “fairly that is if the age is subdue here.” You do effectuate that the Mayans predict the faction will end on Dec. 21 (or 23rd)? So in all strong if anything is accepted to take place in 2012 there is solitary the slimmest conceivability that the world will have ended first it happens.
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