January 05, 2009

5 AM

That's what time it was when I decided I couldn't sleep any more this morning. Not because I wasn't tired, but because I'd just had a very disturbing dream in which I had an affair with the guy from Dharma and Greg and gave birth to fish. Lots of floppy, gasping blue fish. It was a lot creepier than it sounds. The only thing to be gained by staying asleep was a descent into dementia, so I got up.

I surfed the internet for a while, packed a lunch, read The Good Fairies of New York and realized I'd bought the wrong transit pass. So I went to the Metro and got myself an Opus card - this little thing will last for years, and I can reload it myself.

Went to work, somehow managing to stay upright for the whole 8 hours. This is noteworthy because the most athletic thing I've done in the last 6 months involved walking 5 blocks to bring back cheese & doughnuts. Also noteworthy is the fact that I can still fit into regular pants. Ones without elastic waistbands or cartoon characters on them.

Came home, had pizza, had hot bath, am blogging & debating whether or not I can stay awake long enough to watch the Canada - Sweden gold medal game. And can anyone tell me where they get those giant flags?

Good GOD, why are they talking to Stephen Harper? He's has to ruin hockey too? Smarmy bastard.

Oh, and Martin Millar, author of Lonely Werewolf Girl & The Good Fairies of New York, has accepted my facebook friend request! :) This is one thing I used to hate about Facebook, that people would 'friend' someone they'd never met just to have the most friends ever. And while I've never actually met or interacted with Mr Millar, I still think it's cool that I'm 'friends' with the man behind 2 of my favorite books. And I'm thinking of making it a prerequisite for all future friends that they write amusing books about alcoholic fairies and laudnum addicted werewolves.

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