January 28, 2009

Because I got high

I spent much of the last week high on various cough medicines. I'm blaming them for the fact that I forgot to mail in some of my student loan forms (even though that was 3 weeks ago), the fact that I haven't felt like blogging or replying to any emails, became addicted to Zoo Tycoon, have only been sleeping in 2 hour snippets, broke the internet yesterday and dropped my pizza on the floor cheese side down tonight at dinner. Those drugs have a lot to answer for.

So as a public service announcement, stay away from Dayquil. That shit will fuck you up, and not in a fun way. Much better are the Buckley's capsules - you don't get that god awful taste and you get a gentle sleepy high, not the "oh shit. the room is spinning and I think I've forgotten my name" Dayquil high. As far as I can tell, one hit of orange death takes about a week to get out of your system.

Due to the drug addiction, I haven't done or accomplished much the last week, except for frakking finally finishing Bleak House. Good old Dickens. And I got the giant Jane Austen book today. The only problem with ordering books online is that sometimes you don't notice that they are behemoths and you could never ever read them in the bath. I really should have suspected, since it's 6 books in one, but I thought it would be fatter and smaller. As a bonus, though, I can count it as weight lifting whenever I read it.

I could lie and say I'm going to read the chapter we're covering in class tomorrow, but the truth is I'm going to make a cup of tea and catch up on House. The cough syrup made me forget it was a new episode Monday night, and I stupidly watched 3 reruns of Jon & Kate Plus Eight instead.
Damn Dayquil, I just want my life back!

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Angela said...

"Because I Got High" ...nice nod to Afroman! Aubrey and I are friends with the guys that co-wrote that song with him. I even have a picture of myself with Afroman from our wedding reception...funny picture of me in a wedding dress and him in a flannel with his crazy afro.

Anyway...I have missed you. I wondered what in the world happened to you. I always think back to the post about the neighbors finding you and Gord dead..glad you are alive!


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