January 30, 2009

At the back of the roadhouse

They got some buffaloes.

I used to think that's what Jim Morrison was singing. When you're 7, most lyrics sound like nonsense. Besides, you're coming from a musical background wherein women swallow horses to deal with flies. Of course there are buffaloes behind the roadhouse. And "Just for the people who like to go down slow" was there because 'slow' kind of rhymed with 'buffalo', not because the sentence had any meaning in itself.

Other things I didn't understand when I was young - why I couldn't watch Dirty Dancing. I could give a shit for the romance, all the kissing crap, blech, who cares? I just wanted to watch the dancing! But mom said no, and I figured it was because the blond girl had that operation to remove her appendix. That's what was happening, right? She had appendicitis?

I swear I was 15 before I realized she was having an abortion in that scene.

Other stupid things I believed as a child:

- Star Wars was the news from outer space. It looked so official with that yellow text scrolling by.

- that World War 2 was still going on in Europe, that they'd never got out of the 40's.

- that they stopped making music when Buddy Holly died. That one is dad's fault, he TOLD me they stopped making music when Buddy Holly died, and I believed everything he said. Plus, there was that song about "the day the music died" to back him up.

- that it was "Elmer the Fudd", not Elmer Fudd. Dad again. I still have to concentrate to say it correctly.

- that I was missing pages of Anne's House of Dreams and Anne of Ingleside. She kept popping out babies, but NO WHERE did I ever see it written that she was pregnant. A baby would show up, and I'd flip back pages, perturbed with myself for missing the bit where she tells her friends she's pregnant, or even just 'expecting'. I could never find it. There was vague mention of 'what we hope will come'.....and? And from that I'm supposed to know? I guess it was the highest indelicacy to mention such things in a childrens book back then, and I'm (mostly) over it now, but good god. I was confused enough as a child without Lucy Maud Montgomery convincing me I couldn't even read properly.

Anyhoo.....have a great weekend, and don't forget - if you have access to a child, rush out and tell them lies! It'll give them something to blog about later in life. ;)

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Angela said...

I have access to a child...but she is already a pathological liar and she is only 7. I like telling her that she is lying. Maybe she can blog about that when she gets older.

I was born premature and my dad told me that he used to carry me around in his pocket. I totally believed it!


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