February 04, 2009


Well, we did it - One Million Acts of Green! I have 17, and almost all of them were things I was already doing. If you haven't signed up for this yet, check it out. They're going to keep it going to 2 million, so get in and let them know that you already changed your light bulbs, and use canvas grocery bags.

They had a special on CBC about the One Million Acts, and interviewed some interesting businesses. There's a hair salon in Vancouver that uses organic vegetable based hair dyes, the Furniture Bank in Toronto - this is a really cool idea, because we've all seen furniture just sitting on the curb. The parking lot at our old apartment in Calgary was basically a furniture store, and it's such a waste. I know how hard it is to get someone to pick up your old furniture. Places like Value Village and Salvation Army expect you to bring it in yourself, and if you don't have a truck, or parents with a mini van, you just leave the stuff by the dumpster in the dark of night, and hope it gets taken in by a loving family. If it isn't, you're stuck pretending it isn't yours whenever you pass it on the way to the bus stop. Not that I know from personal furniture abandonment...

My favorite business is Rustic Overtones run by a man in Nova Scotia, he makes furniture and art from things people would just throw in a landfill. These are some of my favorites, and if I weren't so poor and low on space, I'd buy them.

Ok, so maybe I wouldn't exactly buy this wild turkey sculpture....

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