February 18, 2009

Super lazy

I was tagged on facebook about a month ago, and finally got around to doing this...and I'm reposting it here, because I can.

25 things- yada yada, blah, blah, here's 25 random and mildly interesting things about me.

1. I have a tattoo on my wrist. Outside wrist, not the inside where all the veins are. It’s a compass, and I got it as a reminder not to waste my time on things I don’t believe in.

2. After much trial and error, I know that bangs and perms are always a mistake.

3. I should have been at Woodstock.

4. I believe if you don’t love a dog, the part of your heart that is capable of unconditional love will shrivel up and die.

5. There are few things sexier than a man who will do his own laundry. Should you ever find yourself asking your lover “Do I have any clean underwear?, you have failed at life.

6. I read a lot. I have turned down sex in order to continue reading. I have turned down sex in order to continue reading a book I am rereading for the 4th (or 5th or 6th) time.

7. I can make macaroni & cheese, make tea/coffee, brush my teeth, wash my hair &/or shave my legs while reading.

8. Music makes it better, where “it” = everything.

9. Of all the sex jobs, I think dominatrix is where it’s at. You get kick ass boots, and who doesn’t look good in black? All you have to do is force some dimwit to lick your boots, then you work out some ‘personal issues’ with a riding crop and demand money. Should the client get out of hand, you have a large man in leather chaps on hand to slap him around some, and you charge more for the extra ‘fun’. Where’s the bad?

10. I’d like to touch a live bear. A very, very tame bear, or a heavily sedated (very tame) bear, because I don’t want touching a bear (and screaming, and bleeding and hearing my bones crunch) to be the last thing I do…

11. I just realized I’ve only listed 10 things and 3 of them reference sex in some way. I’m cheating by pointing this out and skipping on to

12. I hate hot days, hate being sticky with sweat, and long for crisp cold fall days all through summer.

13. When I was 7 my favorite song was “Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire. That and The Nature of Things with David Suzuki had me convinced that the end of the world was coming up fast.

14. I’m really glad my brother doesn’t hold a grudge for all the times I beat him up.

15. When I was one, I didn’t talk to my mom for an entire week when she took my bottle away. I think that’s the longest I’ve ever held a grudge.

16. I can’t remember ever being really sick in junior high or high school, but I sure stayed home ‘sick’ a lot.

17. Ditto for work. I’ve hated every job I’ve had, except for Chapters. I loved that job, and those people.

18. I have never been in the hospital except to visit someone.

19. We’re nearing the end.

20. The only video game I have ever finished is Fable 2. Not even the original Mario Bros. I could never get past the damn water level.

21. I always skip the last chapter of the House at Pooh Corner,

22. and the episode of Buffy where Xander leaves Anya at the altar.

23. I should be studying for my French midterm right now.

24. I can’t believe this is the most interesting stuff I could come up with.

25. I’m going to bed.

I'd tag people, but it's a huge imposition, and I'd have guilt if I did. But don't feel bad that I didn't tag you! I wanted to, I just didn't think you had the time....

1 comment:

Angela said...

I could never get pass the water level either. Mario would sink like a stone. I never tag people for the same reason. I have been tagged a bunch and answered my first one the other day just cause I felt bad when the same person tagged me again the next day.


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