February 03, 2009

Daily potatos

So that crayon theory seems to have touched a nerve with people. I don't want to be disparaging of all men, or to imply that you are all emotionally deficient, even though that's exactly what I said.

The capacity is there, and the emotion is there, but the ability to effectively communicate it isn't developed as relentlessly in young boys as it is in girls, and it's everyone's loss. I mock Mandatory Love Day, because the premise is a little horrifying. That there's one day a year where your lover can come up with some stock gesture, flowers, candy, whatever so long as it's heart shaped, and all the women in the world are supposed to live off that one gesture all year. It's like giving us a potato (Heart shaped potato) in February and wondering why we're starving in June.

So to all the men out there that I may have pissed off by saying you have 1/8th the capacity of women - don't take it out on the women in your life. You could even take the opportunity to tell them, with well chosen words, exactly what they mean to you. Don't crap out and get a card with a poem on it. Don't take the easy way out and clean the garage, or mow the lawn.

We don't want heart shaped anything. Just a little heart felt sincerity, wrapped up with words. Don't ask me what you're supposed to say. I don't know why you love the woman that you do. But you should, and she should hear all about it on a regular basis.

Think of it as an oil change on the love bus, or a save point in the relationship game, or whatever makes sense in the language you speak, little crayon box.

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Lost In Translation said...

The capabilities of a man's emotionality are only limited to his experience. And while the general populous (male populous) does not know how to express their emotions. It is the female side which leads them to believe that hearts, candies and jewelry is what they want. However if at the right moment, which could be any moment, a man sees how he can gesture his love, be sure if he has any sense about him that he'll do it! If he knows whats good for him... ;)


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