February 26, 2009

Concession speech

When I changed my facebook status to "Lisa is doing nothing for a whole week" I had no idea how true that would turn out to be. I had big plans for reading week, was going to make some new products for my Etsy shop, was going to head out and take some new photos and see if I got anything I could work with, was going to review a chapter a day of the Greek Mythology textbook so I can pass the midterm on Tuesday....

So far, I have managed 1 chapter of review and 4 loads of laundry. It's been snowing or raining every day, when it isn't -17, so taking photos was off the agenda. Low motivation to start on new products, because they require a lot of supplies and I haven't wanted to go out in the snow & cold.

So I have to admit defeat. This Montreal winter broke me. I miss the chinooks, even though they always brought migraines with them. I want it to be spring already!


Angela said...

It was 77 degrees here today! I am going to send some warm air up to you in return for the cold air you sent me!

I got nothing done today. I had such grand plans...I did have a really good nap though.

Angela said...

Oh and I need your address so I can send the book to you.

It was pretty good and a little strange and dark. I kinda liked it.


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