December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I never feel right celebrating the New Year in winter. I feel like it should wait for that spring day when you go outside and take a deep breath and remember there are days when it's actually warm and sunny. The first day you notice a little green haze on the trees. But then, how would people know when to get drunk? We'd all be celebrating at different times, and what about the places that are on permanent summer?

I remember spending Christmas in California one year and it threw me right off. All my senses were on high alert, because everything was wrong - the air, the scenery, when the sun set. I may be the only Canadian who doesn't want to move south to retire, who revels in the long nights of winter.

There are celebrations in Old Montreal tonight, but seeing as the wind chill is a balmy -27, I think I'm staying in with my guy, and we'll ring in the new year with the Sopranos. We've got 2 episodes to go, and things are unraveling so fast. I don't want to say who, but somebody died 2 episodes ago, and I'm still processing the shock. They lull you for 6 seasons, trick you into believing that Tony is a nice guy, and then BLAM! The last 5 episodes are a slap in the face, Clint Eastwood screaming "HE'S A PSYCHOPATH, YOU IDIOT!" How'd you fall for the nice guy act? And to think I felt sorry for him when he got shot.


Angela said...

Sounds like a great night to me! I have never watched The Sopranos. You make it sound very good though. I may have to go down to Blockbuster and rent season 1!

Kate Savage said...

Aw. See that sounds really sweet! Mine was brought in with a blizzard in Halifax. And my guy? He was asleep far away in London before our new year hit.

I'd've chosen the Sopranos with him any day!


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