December 11, 2008

Ice sculptures and polar bears

Guess what happens when 8 inches of snow is followed by a light rain? Uh huh. Everything outside is encased in ice. Branches, leaves, fences, cars...all coated with about a 1/2 inch of ice. It's beautiful, but just ever so slightly inconvenient.

I had to chisel the car out before I could drive it. I almost couldn't tell which car was mine out there, they all just looked like humps of snow. When I finally got the car back from Canadian Tire last night, our neighbors were gathered around one of their minivans trying to hack it out of the ice.

On the plus side, we no longer need to worry about the polar bears. There's plenty of snow and ice in Montreal, and they can live on the roofs of cars - little ice floes with meals inside.

1 comment:

Angela said...

We had an Ice Storm here in Mississippi 14 years ago. Everyone here STILL talks about it. We did not have power for 2 weeks...some people were without power for well over a month. It was a beautiful sight though.


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