December 18, 2008

seven days

Today I had my training at the bookstore, it went ok. My next shift is Jan. 5th, so I hope I don't forget everything over Christmas. More importantly though, I managed to parallel park in a giant snowbank without getting stuck. Parallel parked. I do that now. You may not need to speak french to live here, but by god if you can't learn to parallel park you won't make it.

Gord and I have been watching the Soprano's, so if you notice an increase in swearing on here, it's not me. It's just that I have a very impressionable mind. That, and I'm having intense cravings for pasta 24/7.

We're supposed to get a couple snow storms this weekend but if Saturday is clear we're going to Place Royale, where they will be showing The Nightmare Before Christmas on screens set up outside. We're taking cocoa and blankets, and if we get cold, we'll just think of our families back in Alberta with a high of -24. You poor frozen people. Stay inside!

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