December 17, 2008

Myths and magic

I got a job today - it's only for January, working part time at the Loyola campus bookstore for the back to school rush. But I don't have to wear a uniform or 'business casual', so I'm happy.

I go for training tomorrow for 4 hours, and then they'll schedule my shifts around my classes so I can take the shuttle back and forth. It's great that Concordia has a free shuttle between campuses, because the metro doesn't go anywhere near Loyola, and if I learned anything from Calgary Transit, it's to never ever ever plan your life around catching a transfer, because it's the holy grail of public transit. A freakin myth, is what it is.

Gord is at the bank switching his account to the Montreal RBC near us, because apparently they haven't realized that money isn't real anymore. It shouldn't matter what branch you use. These days, money is just numbers in a computer system. The last time I talked to a banker was in 2005, for craps sake. And yet, I've been spending and earning money the last 3'd I do that? A little plastic key and magic money boxes, that's how.

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