December 16, 2008

Baby, it's cold inside

There's a howling wind outside that is creeping in the windows and curling around my feet. I've got to look into some of that window shrink film, but for now I'm relying on 2 sweaters, socks, mocassins and a blanket. This is why cats are no good. If Mikey were here, he'd be snuggled up next to me and radiating heat. Where are the cats? Being all selfish, sleeping in the laundry baskets.

Good news - I won a blog giveaway from Emerald Arts! :) YAY! Check out her etsy shop, she has some very cool toys, prints and kits. My favorite is this one - I felt like that earlier today :P

I've opened a shop on Artfire, it's pretty much the same sort of site as Etsy, but the fees for sellers are a set $7/month - no listing fees or anything! Plus, at the moment it has a lot fewer sellers so you are more likely to come up if people are searching for your products. At the moment, there are only 406 items in the Photography section, and 8 of those are mine :)

I'm hoping this site will result in some sales, even if it's only one a month it would pay for itself. And the listing process is WAY EASIER than Etsy. I'm just saying. It's worth checking out.

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