December 20, 2008

The dogs of Christmas

(it's not the hat, she's always that happy)

It's that time of year...people start getting all sentimental. It's especially hard this year because we aren't seeing any of our families. Gord and I have both broke the mold and mentioned to our siblings that we love them. That's what a little distance and a lot of missing will do to you.

Not for us the insane puppy love at mom and dad's, or the family traditions. We'll miss the treasure hunt for presents, and the annual Christmas Eve fondue while watching White Christmas & Christmas Vacation for the 300th time :)

(It's not the hat, she always looks that sad)

No family board games with Chris and Murray and Megan, no Snoopy drooling and snoring and taking a swipe at me for petting her wrong.

No tequila shots...uh, I mean, coffee and quiet conversation, with Darren & Monica, who must be hating the weather in Edmonton right now!

Not for us the groaning tables - yep, that's tables, plural - of Frank and Linda's. I'm going to miss the company, and the entreaties to eat more. Mostly the company ;)

(you could put anything on her head and she'd smile if you told her she was pretty)

We love you guys, we're sorry we can't be with you in person, but we are thinking of you and missing you!

I'm leaving you with my favorite puppy of all time, and best wishes for a safe and happy holidays!

(He had 2 eyes, but there's not a single picture where you can see both)

1 comment:

Angela said...

I love the dog pictures. I grew up with a Roxie also! She was my took me a long time to get another dog after good ole Roxie died.

I hope you and Gord have a Merry Christmas!


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