December 10, 2008

We have snow!

There's about 8 inches worth of Christmas cheer, sitting on the trees outside. I've got to go get snow tires by the 15th, so I'm waiting for the Canadian Tire to open with my fingers crossed that they aren't sold out of the right size. I shouldn't have left it so late, but what with spending a crapload of money getting the Honda to pass the out of province inspection, I've had to wait for funds to replenish.

I spent the night painting and listening to power ballads on my ipod. Oh, and I 'Rick rolled' Gord while he was playing hockey. Who knew I had such terrible taste in music that I would have Rick Astley on my ipod? And why did I bring that up?

There have been some great comments on the giveaway post, and there's still time to get your name in for a free print....friends & family, you can enter too. Unless you've all abandoned us out here in the cold. I know we're not coming home for Christmas, but isn't that a bit harsh?

I also have to mail Christmas cards today and drop off a bag for the food bank. One of the grocery stores here sent around paper bags to be filled for the food bank, and they were going to come pick them up on Saturday, but I think they forgot our block. I was pleased to see that at least 1/2 the people on our street had bags out, though. I remember the apartment building we lived in back in Calgary put a box in the lobby for food bank donations, and you could tell people had just cleaned out their cupboards of the stuff they were never going to eat. I think the box sat there for a month with a lonely can of saurkraut and a box of noodles before it was taken away. I don't want to point fingers and say nyah, nyah, people are nicer in Montreal....but. Nyah nyah.

(that goes for us too - I didn't add anything to the lonely box either. I was 'too busy' or some such nonsense.)

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