December 21, 2008

four days

We went down to Place Royal for the movie yesterday, got there early and were able to watch them set up the screen - and watch one guy get squashed when the inflatable screen fell on him.
We had delicious overpriced cappuccino's at a cafe - at least it wasn't Starbucks, so we were supporting local business.
We didn't stay for the whole movie. Once I couldn't feel my toes it was time to leave. I took some terribly shaky video with my cell but it's hard to even tell what is happening, so I won't post it.

And today its snowing. We might get 30cm by Monday and its snowing so hard, I can't even see across the road. I think a day like this calls for chili, or maybe stew. Hot, homemade biscuits and mugs of cocoa with marshmallows melting on top. And now I've made myself hungry.

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