July 24, 2008

We must warn the others

We watched Hancock today. Here's your warning - it's the worst movie ever. Worse than Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. I'd rather watch Bloodrayne again.
I don't know if it's just because I no longer have the mind of an 8 year old, but movies today are crap. They don't make em like they used to.

On the up side, Gord make Shepards Pie and 3 of my books came today. So I'm pleasantly stuffed with mashed potatoes and reading Making Money and trying to forget the waste of time that was Hancock. Stupid stupid movie.


Kelly said...

Thanks for the warning, I won't pay a theatre to see it. I don't think all movies today are crap, but an awful lot of them. Sunshine, Stardust and Wall-E were good. Hellboy 2 was okay and I've heard the new Batman is very good. The comedies that get made are pretty much all shit, but they are making Arrested Development into a movie, so maybe there will be one funny movie this decade that wasn't made by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

Anonymous said...

Wall-E was awesome! Worth the money.
Moving, smart and pretty funny.
Batman's also not so bad;
If you see it you'll be glad.
Oldman, Freeman, Michael Caine;
Ledger's Joker; Bale's Bruce Wayne.
Hellboy? No. I wouldn't say
That's a good use of a day.
What about Sex and the City?
Crap, although the girls are pretty.
Indiana's Crystal Skull
Strikes me as a little dull.
Hancock I have yet to see
And now I doubt I'll ever be
Shelling out the dough for it:
By all accounts, not worth a bit.
To find movies that are good,
Do not look to Hollywood.
The cinema of other lands
Attracts the highbrow movie fan.
Mexican directors are
Among my favorites, by far.
European movies, too
Are much harder to outdo.
South America's movies shine
And Asia's often rate a nine.
At any rate, thanks a lot
For telling us that Hancock's not
Worth keeping on this weekend's list.
It's one I'll happily have missed.


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