July 11, 2008

Day 5

We wake up, shower and break camp by 10:30. I told you we aren't morning people, didn't I?
While Gord is showering, I have a visitor - he crawls all over the picnic table, climbs in the bag of food, and promptly runs off when I reach for the camera.
He (or someone who looks just like him) comes back and poses for us just as we're about to leave.

We get gas and breakfast (Twinkies...They're almost food), drive for a bit, and stop at Old Woman bay, where Gord decides he's clever and takes a picture of Old Woman Bay and his old woman. Ha. Ha.

It's quite cold.

There's a picnic area, but we've been sitting down for days, so we walk around taking pictures while we eat our gas station Twinkies. And hear a bird whistling the unmistakable first three notes of "Iron Man". You can't hear those first three notes (I AM I..) without mentally hearing the next two (I AM I..RON MAN!) Gord tries to teach it the missing notes, but it doesn't catch on. We both have Iron Man stuck in our heads for the rest of the day, only Gord now sings it "I am IRON BIRD".

Guess what happens next? That's right, Bob Ross!

(ground squirrel, whatever)

Happy little squirrel smells Twinkies.

Happy little squirrel bites the hand that does not feed it Twinkies.

Luckily, Gord's finger is calloused from the bass, or the happy little bugger would have punctured the skin.

Today's counts:
Roadkill: 5
High 5's: 1 ( Our enthusiasm is waning)
Caffeinated beverages: 4

We end up at the Norvic Motel, about a half hour east of Sudbury. They allow pets, so the cats can get out of the car and hide under a bed! They also have internet, which is an unexpected pleasure. And brings unexpected bad news. Back in May Gord had got tickets for the E.S.T (Esbjorn Svensson Trio) show at Place des Arts for June 30th, and we'd planned our trip around that. It's a band Gord has wanted to see for years, and they never come to Calgary (no one does), so this was something he was really looking forward to. Tragically, Esbjorn Svensson died in a scuba diving accident on June 14th. Gord is depressed, because a lot of the musicians he really wants to see live are dying, but it's expected because they're quite old. This is one musician who should have been making great music for decades yet. We console ourselves with pepperoni pizza and Much Music's Video on Trial.

Gas to get us this far:
Calgary $33.00 @ 131.9
Medicine Hat $39.00 @ 130.9
Swift Current $40.00 (I'm guessing, we lost the receipt)
Regina $37.00 @ 139.9
Moosomin $34.00 @ 139.9
Winnipeg $40.00 (again, no receipt)
Kenora $42.50 @ 137.9
Ignace $39.00 @ 143.9
Thunder Bay $52.00 @ 143.9
Marathon $44.00 @ 145.0
Wawa $47.49 @ 141.9
Sault Ste Marie $37.00 @ 136.9
Wahnapitae $50.68 (doesn't say, can't remember how much/litre)

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