July 22, 2008

Feed your addictions. Go Tylenol!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! First rule of blogging, post often or people will forget all about you. Here's a quick summary of the last week:

Contemporary art - We don't get it.

Walking around this city - Not for the directionally challenged. We are always out by 180. We need to stop trusting our instincts and take a damn map. Or breadcrumbs.

Late night TV - you watch Leno for the headlines, Letterman for the top 10 and Conan for the monologue. God, it's nice to be able to stay up late enough to catch Conan.

Rock the Reception on TLC - looks like the most humiliating experience on earth. White people can't dance.

There is no good place for the litter box. When those beasts poop you can smell it everywhere, air fresheners be damned.

Running out of Advil at that time of the month - BAD idea. Gord having a whole bottle of Tylenol 3 that he doesn't want to take - priceless. Although not as effective as 3 Advil Liquigels at once, it's better than walking to the store in the rain.

Spending an hour trying to find a store that is open before 8AM here - impossible. Even the PharmaPrix that is open 23 hours a day wasn't open before 8. WTF? We got to the laundromat at about 7:05 this morning and we'd planned to just buy detergent from the dispenser but it was broken. Not a single store in our neighborhood opens before 8 - a fact I discovered after driving up and down Sherbrooke for 20 minutes. The good news here is that gas prices at the Esso on our corner were down to 134.9. We're not going through a lot of gas these days, so hopefully this tank will last through a couple of airport runs.

I just found 3 Chapters giftcards that I'd forgotten about, so I'm going to see how many Terry Pratchetts I can get for $135. It's not an indulgence, I'm supporting Alzheimers research.

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