July 13, 2008

Jazz Festival

We went to the Jazz Festival on July 3rd, and caught some of the free acts. Gord wanted to see Chris Tarry, because he likes his playing if not his music. I liked the music, but maybe that's because I know jack about jazz. About 3 seconds into the show, someone lit a joint. After that, Gord and I realized that this is the official smell of Montreal, much like exhaust fumes are the official smell of Calgary.

Chris Tarry Group

We wandered a bit, had some hot dogs from a street vendor, thought we saw Murray....

And heard the band on the red stage do a cover of Joni Mitchell's 'Woodstock'.

We left the Festival area and walked a few blocks. We saw 6 sex shops and 4 used book stores, and smelled pot about every 3rd group of people. Maybe that's why there's no road rage here.

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