July 15, 2008

Tally Ho!

So here are the best guess numbers of what it cost to get out here.

Gas - $628.79 (this is not as horrifying as it sounds, because our loving families kept giving us gas money. Much appreciated gas money.)

Motel in Swift Current $70
Night at the Cat Sass Tavern parking lot: 1 pint of blood
Travelodge Thunder Bay $110 (including charge for 2 cats)
Wawa Campground $26 (plus 6 for firewood)
Norvic Motel $69
Ontario Municipal Campground $87 (plus $13 for 2 bundles of firewood)

for a total of $381

Yikes. We should have just slept in the car the whole way.

UHaul - $196 + $54 for insurance + $27 for the extra day = $277.

We're not going to count food, because we would have eaten food if we'd stayed at home. And I don't want to add anything else to this.

Grand total for the move, (not counting anything spent to get ready for the move)


Holy shit. I need a minute....

ok, minus the money our families gave us and it's only $706.79

However.......Here's the cost if we'd decided to fly out.

I've checked Air Canada & Westjet, and if we were lucky and found a seat sale, we could each have flown out for approximately $410, so $820.
Cat's flight $50 each, if we treat them like checked baggage. Which we probably couldn't have done. So we would have had to buy 2 soft sided kennels , so pretend we could find those for $50 each - now we're at $200 to get the damn cats to Montreal (that sentance would read quite differently if Gord were writing this. But he's far more patient with the cats than I am.)

So, $1020 to fly us, 2 cats and 2 suitcases each. That would leave us without:
Gord's 3 electric bass', 1 upright and 1 amp
My 7 boxes of books and 4 boxes of art supplies
All our kitchen crap (we love our blender. And the rice cooker.)
Mattress, bed frame, tv, most of our towels etc. etc.

The cost of shipping all those items out, or replacing them once we got here - I'm guessing it'd be more than $266, so we really did make the economical choice. Plus, now we have a really good sense of just how far away everyone we know is. And that's important, because you can never have enough guilt or homesickness in your life.

I'm going to wake Gord up so we can watch Dexter and eat chocolate chip cookies. What are you going to do today?

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