July 25, 2008

In our ongoing quest for furniture, Gord ordered this online and it arrived 2 days ago. I'm going to call it the Devils Snare from now on because once you get in you're trapped. There's no getting out, every move you make just ends up putting you in a more comfortable position and you fall asleep.

I'm watching Ghost Whisperer right now, but only because Jamie Bamber of Battlestar Galactica is slumming on the show tonight. He's dead and can't cross over because he's been possessed by the annoying kid from Aliens in America, who wants a body to go to his high school reunion...Who in their right mind wants to go to the high school reunion? Why is Biff trying to romance Camryn Manheim? This crapfest replaced Joan of Arcadia? You suck, CBS.

Joss Whedon is filming the Dollhouse, so there's some good tv coming. And there's Dexter and Mad Men, and it's possible that Breaking Bad may come back, so it's not all network doody.

My mission tonight is to find a place nearby that does really good ginger beef, and go there.
We've got 4 days left in our month of slacking off. Better make them count.

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