July 31, 2008

So You think You Can Snack

We needed more seaweed wrappers for sushi, and ended up getting coconut and almond pocky sticks and ginger ice cream. Haven't tried the ice cream yet, but the pocky sticks were decimated mere seconds after opening them. I needed to keep my strength up watching the final 6 dancers.

We also got some hot peppers, and even after washing my hands 4 times, the oil is still there. Gord is delighted, because he could never find properly hot peppers in Calgary. He's also going to have to eat the remaining 6 peppers by himself because I like to actually taste my food, not just have a peculiar burning sensation that lasts all night.

I'm using my old laptop tonight, and I'd forgotten how slow it was. Nothings wrong with the new one, just Gord playing Diablo 3, or 4 or 85 or whatever, and I wanted to watch old episodes of Project Runway. What is it about watching people make clothes that is so satisfying? I'm guessing its the borrowed sense of accomplishment.

I also ordered some art supplies today. I tried to order from Dick Blick, but they were going to charge me $60 just to ship it here. So I found Art Supplies Direct, which is in Calgary of all places. But free shipping, so I'm happy. I prefer online shopping. I can do it in my pajamas and it doesn't matter what time of day it is, online is always open. Plus, someone else carts it up the stairs for me. If there's any thing I'm good at, it's lazing.

Kelly, Amanda and I had our first long distance Rock Band session, and I played on medium for a change. I'm usually a slacker and stick with easy, but today I braved it and even managed to hit the blue button sometimes. Kind of pathetic when you think about it, that people will put time and effort into getting good at a video game version of something they could do in real life. Maybe that's why Neo didn't free all the pod people - they were quite happily playing Rock Band in their purple goo sacks, and couldn't be bothered to, I don't know, walk around. Eat food. Interact with other people. That crap is overrated anyway. But the third Matrix was still a shitty movie.

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