August 27, 2008

Good God, that's a lot of meat.

Kelly took us out for dinner at Schwartz's, and we gorged ourselves on meat. We also managed to walk through a corner of Mont Royal park, so that's 2 whole landmarks in one day. Then we went back to the hotel with Kel and he graciously allowed me to change the channel. CNN just isn't watchable. So we watched an episode of Bones - there was terrible karaoke and Angel was shot by Fat Pam. It was wacky fun times, and almost makes me want to watch the show on a regular basis. Then I stole Kelly's hotel tea and condiment packs. He wasn't going to use them.

So now I'm home, in my meat coma, and Gord has toddled off to a club to see if there really is music in this fair city. I'm under a strict 'No Buffy' till Gord gets back clause. So.....what do people do when they aren't watching Buffy? I'm at a loss here.

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