August 06, 2008

The perils of late night tv

Gord wants a juicer and I want the Cricut. It's one of those things that I know would just sit on a shelf and mock me, I'd never use it. That's the risk you take if you watch tv after 2AM.

In other news, Dark Chocolate Peanut M&M's are very tasty. Highly recommended. Also on the snack board tonight, Cheddar flavoured Bits & Bites. You can't go wrong with salty and cheesy in the same snack.

Clearly, I have nothing much to say. I'm onto the 3rd episode of the second season of Rome, and I don't want to get to the end, so I'm only blogging to stall myself.

Do any of you remember when music used to be relevant? Me either, I wasn't alive in the 60's. But I've heard of that mythical time. Remember when movies used to be so good you could watch them 50 times and never get tired of them? I was alive for that, but the only thing coming back from the 80's is the fashion, to which I cry "What the hell is wrong with you people?" No one looks good in a pastel headband. What am I getting at? Rome was a really good show, and I wish there were more episodes. Also, contemporary culture is devoid of meaning, yada yada, but the really important point is that Rome was a really good show, and there will never be any more of it. That's the real tragedy here.

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