August 27, 2008

Kentucky Jelly

Kelly told us a terrible story when he got here, and I'm going to have to share it. Apparently some woman was in the hospital and she was complaining to her nurse about the food - she just didn't like the taste of the Kentucky Jelly they'd given her to put on her toast. This is hilarious only if you konw that the abbreviation for Kentucky... is KY.

Nearing the end of Season 6. We skipped the episode where Xander leaves Anya at the altar, because who needs that kind of emotional upheaval anyway. But we're going to have to watch Tara die tonight. I don't know why Amber Benson wouldn't come back in Season 7, Joss had this whole beautiful thing worked out...and we had to settle for the brat queen of entitlementville that is Kennedy. Can't stand that girl, and her talking like she's the great love of Willow's life. Please. She isn't the first great love, or even the second. She's just filler. I tell myself that, anyway.

We're fully intending to do something this weekend before Kelly goes home. Really. I'll let you know how that works out. There may even be pictures of buildings and so on.

Kelly's internship is going well, from the giant smiles and general glee we observed yesterday. He can't tell us anything, because of the NDA, but he's having giant amounts of non disclosed fun. Oh, and he told me that Fable 2 is coming out the day before my birthday and we can run around getting RPG drunk and fighty together.

In other news, I found a parking spot that doesn't require the Wednesday Runaround, so my weeks have even less structure than before. Mwahaha.

How creepy is Warren? With his constant use of baby. I'm glad he was skinned. And how cute is Andrew? He's like a nerdy little kitten.

Got to go - these last 2 episodes require my full attention.

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