August 08, 2008

Peter Mansbridge is really tan.

We stayed up all night so we could watch the opening ceremonies. We had a dozen donuts, down to 7 now and it's just about time. I can't wait, I love the Olympics. Boycotting them isn't going to change how many female fetuses are aborted, or change the economic situation for the billions living in poverty. I don't see why world leaders can't use this event to build relationships with the Chinese government, and find solutions rather than just bitch about stuff that was happening long before the 2008 Summer Games were awarded to Bejing. Jackasses. I'm betting Canada will come in fourth more than any other country, cause it's not nice to take a medal.

I spent 4 hours fussing with the damn quotes, there are now 150 of them, and there will never be any more because I hate it. Miss one semi colon and you're fucked. Do you know how long it takes to find one missing semi colon in 7 pages?
Is this what you're going to be doing, Kel? Are you INSANE?!?! that I think about it, I'd rather do that again every day than go back to my cubicle. Nevermind.
Hell is relative, I just had to adjust my perspective.

1 comment:

Modris said...

Insanity is relative. I'm just odd enough that I really enjoy solving bugs. Besides, I'm pretty good at finding those missing semi colons and know of great tools to help find them.


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