August 15, 2008

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I found out yesterday that I have to find a new insurance company, because Wawanesa isn't operating in Quebec. Yes, I know, I should have checked into all this before we moved, blah blah, but there was enough crap to worry about at that point. Sheesh. And why does it take so damn much paperwork just to be able to live your life anyway? I like the simplicity of earlier centuries. You probably didn't have to insure your horse, just in case your horse got drunk and smashed into another horse. If you were drunk, odds are the horse would plod home anyway. I've been reading L M Montgomery, can you tell? I'm always left with a desire to can vegetables and commune with trees after reading her books, but there's nothing but disappointment when I leave the house and realize it's not 1890. Granted, if it were, my life would be very different. Too bad you can't pick and choose what bits you'd like - internet and horse & buggy, a thousand times less concrete and todays social mores. Ha. Well, if you're going to dream, dream impossible. I suppose I could always end up on a farm somewhere, and drive a horse and buggy. This is a rather elaborate plot to avoid car insurance...

In Olympic news, Sherraine Schalm is the shit. It took me forever last night to find an article that actually repeated what she'd said to the Hungarians (halfway down the page) and when I did it was awesome. Sportscasters like to talk about how the Olympics brings out the best in everyone but that's crap. It brings out the best athletically...but mentally, ethically? Between stories of doping, lying about the age of athletes (crap again - if they can compete, let them) and medal hogging (though everyone else seems to think it's a good thing), the Olympics brings out the regular human weaknesses and exaggerates them. I'm surprised that more athletes don't have a fit, get angry, kick and scream, swear on camera, punch the idiot journalists that tackle them immediately after crushing defeat and get all prissy about sportsmanship. I'm glad that Sherraine lost it (Not glad that she lost, just that she didn't hold back). It lets the kids watching know that the Olympians are human, and that it sucks to lose. It really sucks to lose to someone who sabotaged your chances, in public, with a country of couch surfers whining that no one has won a medal yet, and know that you don't get another chance for 4 years, and then only if you do it all alone, because this home country wants nothing to do with you until its medal time.

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