September 05, 2008

Much ado about nothing

I haven't posted in a while because there's been a whole lot of nothing happening. That, and it's been too hot to type.

Last you heard, Kelly was here and we were going to explore our fine city. Which we did. We went to his hotel - the Hyatt, very nice Ubisoft - and walked past Chinatown to Old Montreal and the ports. It was really damn hot, and crowded and touristy. I think we saw the church Celine Dion got married in. There were horse drawn carriages, and old buildings with new crap in them - the cheesy Canadian memorabilia, maple leaves and moose and mounties, oh my. And VERY expensive restaurants. One pub was advertising a special on a beer and sandwich combo for $16. Like hell I'm paying that much. So we walked back to the hotel, and wasted some time flicking between 3 movies poorly dubbed in French. Zoolander, 102 Dalmations and Mortal Combat 2. It was a crapfest all around. At this point, we'd still only spent 3 hours out of our apartment. So we got groceries (giant ham - $4.75 at IGA) came back to the apartment and Kelly played his french Mass Effect and watched some CNN while Gord and I had naps. We cooked the ham, watched some creepy early Dakota Fanning thing, and Kelly went back to his hotel. We don't have pictures of anything, because we didn't feel like lugging camera's around in the heat. I can't wait for fall & winter. The heat is sickening. I felt this way about Calgary too, so don't think it's just the humidity. It's all the same to me. I do not like the heat.

Sunday we took Kelly to the airport, got mildly lost on the way, this time by overshooting the turn off instead of turning too soon. Next time we're sure to get it right. Monday was much nothing, interrupted by some sleep and eating. Tuesday was Gord's 24th Birthday, and we did some more nothing. Wednesday I ordered a printer and a scanner so that I can print photos and scan negatives and artwork at home, and hopefully sell some of them on Etsy and continue this blissful existence of no alarm clocks or office work. I'd rather shovel sheep shit all day than put on black polycotton blend pants ever again. There are no cubicles in my future. I don't know how people can stand office work, it just seemed meaningless and endless to me. At least with sheep shit, you know why you're shoveling it. I'm not anti-work, just against any more unfulfilling work. I think I've done enough of it for this go round.

2 Terry Pratchetts to go, and then....well, by then I'd better have my printer so I have something to do all day.

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