September 26, 2008

It's because we're in Ottawa....

Stephen Harper - He Kills Kittens.

Sorry, Kel - this is Canadian election crap.

I came across an interesting site today, and it gives you the straight poop on your riding - just put in your postal code and it will list the candidates in your riding. Helpful, if you're in a Conservative quagmire like Pine Lake and haven't heard a peep from any other candidate but Earl Dreeshen. It's got a definite bias, but don't let that sway you. If you've sold your soul for 2%, vote for the man in the smarmy sweater vest who DOESN'T THINK CANADA STANDS FOR ANYTHING. And don't tell me you voted for Harper when next I see you unless you want a swift kick in the gonads.

Another thing I learned recently - vote swapping is not illegal. So, don't despair, Albertans. Your vote could make a difference in a riding somewhere - just not too close to home, you poor buggers.

In Montreal, we actually have a Liberal MP. I don't really like party politics, I don't consider myself a Liberal, but good golly ain't it nice to know that there won't be a Conservative 'speaking on my behalf' in parliament. Cause the jackass would get it all wrong, and I don't have time to hang out on the hill correcting him all the time. Well, actually I do, but I don't want to. Who's going to win the election? Voter Apathy. I've always liked that guy.

ps. I guarantee Harper doesn't look this good naked. Why doesn't David Suzuki run for Prime Minister?

"Voting based on who looks best naked? I suppose it makes as much sense as voting for the best liar."

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