September 13, 2008

Damn it feels good to be a gansta

We just watched Office Space, and I had a few flashbacks to the asinine work I used to do...or not do. The hours and hours of wasted time, when there really wasn't anything to do but I had to be at my desk in case something came up. Good God, do I not miss that at all.

We're going to play Monopoly because it's the only board game that made the move with us. Perhaps we'll scope out a Salvation Army for some other games, although the SA near here looks like it was recently bombed, and was impossible to walk through the last time we went in on a furniture hunt. Perhaps the giant Value Village will be a better bet.

Talked to mom this week and she may be out on the 21st or so, so long as she's done with doctors appointments for a while. We'll see. If she makes it out, we may do a trip to Ottawa and if I'm lucky, I can throw a rotten egg at Stephen Harper. Or call him "Steve", which I hear he hates.

There's not much news, other than I got my scanner and can take uber scans of negatives. So I was scanning for an hour and playing with photoshop and some day in the future, I shall be able to sell photographs and art prints on etsy. If you haven't checked it out yet, here's a link to a commercial and if nothing else, there's some funny dancing to be seen. And Bojana and Susan, should you have some down time at the office, it's an easy way to kill time. You'll find thousands of things to covet.

Its fall, and there are new shows to talk about.
So You Think You Can Dance Canada - pretty good, too bad Miss Mary Murphy had so show up and force us to mute half the show. But the dancing is on par with the American version, so I'm addicted.

Secret Life of the American Teenager - I've seen all the episodes on Surf The Channel, but I think CBC is going to be running this in Canada, and it's definitely worth watching, if only for Molly Ringwald. Be forewarned, some episodes are going to make you really crave chicken wings.

Tried watching Torchwood tonight....meh. Some guy was brought back to sort-of-life with a magic glove (not the fuzzy glove) and there was some projectile vomiting....and we changed the channel. Terminator has started up again, and it would make an awesome drinking game if you took a shot everytime you thought "What the FUCK is going on?" or just generally wanted to slap someone at Fox for letting it air. But its good mock fodder, like the incredible Bloodrayne.

Not really looking forward to Heroes, unless they're going to step it up a notch and become laughably bad instead of just pathetic. If stupid tar tears doesn't die soon, I'm out. But please, Fatty Dumb Dumb Cop - don't ever change. If you became competent, I don't know what I'd do.

America's Next Top Model has started up, and it's the same old same old. I watch that on STC as well, so I can skip all the bullshit drama and just watch the photoshoots and kick outs. Same with Project Runway. Reality tv is only watchable if you can avoid the personalities of the people involved.

Going to play Monopoly now.

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suejansen said...

Hey Lisa

She has my braces and dances just like me. Etsy was therefore made for me. I just need some talent to make something to sell on there.

Hope you are doing well.

Take care



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