September 22, 2008

Thank you Turtle, you saved my life.

Ok, so last season on Heroes some stuff happened, and apparently I don't remember any of it because tonights episode made no sense. At all. Why does Weevil think he's Peter? Why was Sylar in some black and white craptastic music video getting shot? Why is Mohinder still around? Why is Fatty Dumb Dumb Cop wandering around the desert with a scorpion on his face, why does Future-Ando think he's on Dragonball Z, everyone is coming back to life for no apparent reason, Peter's got a magic reappearing scar and a stick up his butt, Nicki's not Nicki, she's Tracy and she'll freeze you instead of kicking your ass....Did they even hire writers for this season, or are they running the show as an improv acting seminar, and the audience shouts out scenarios a la Whose Line is it Anyway? And if that's the case, can we get Drew Carey to moderate the bad ideas, please? I think they're just trying to confuse the hell out of us so we tune in each week to see if they've unraveled their tangled web. Eeeew, Mohinder has pepperoni growing on his back. I don't think I can keep watching this show if it's going to jeopardize my relationship with pizza.

In other news, the good old government is going to give me some money, so Yay for not being homeless in '08! Buy yourself a drink, cause the government isn't giving me enough to buy a round, but we should still celebrate.

Neighbors have been particularly loud today, elephants upstairs and they've turned the daycare downstairs into a disco. Those crazy French babies and their all night discos.

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