October 30, 2008

BSG! And random crap.

The fifth season of Battlestar Galactica will air on January 16th, 10 episodes, so it will end March 20th. Thank goodness. Kelly got us addicted to this show just before we left Calgary, and I can't take another canceled show. It's bad enough thinking that Joan and Adam aren't together any more.

I was going to start watching Merlin online, but CTV is going to be airing that in Canada in January, so I needed something else to do. That's when I discovered Hex, it's British, preposterous and highly enjoyable gothic fluff

I got my Quebec drivers license today. I don't think I'll ever switch provinces again, because there's too much paperwork involved. Why can't we just have a national drivers license and health care and vehicle registration system? And, why can't optometry and dental be included in the health care plan while I'm at it? If you're going blind and your teeth are falling out - you ain't healthy. Who do I talk to about that? George Strombolopolous? (I spelled that right on the first try. Just bragging.)

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