October 24, 2008

Great news

So I heard from mom and dad last night and it seems mom won't have to have chemo at all! Woohoo! She's got to take pills - tamoxisomethingorother - for a year, but her ultrasound and bone scans are all clean. Which is great news, because losing your hair mid winter in Alberta would have been damn chilly. And there's that whole 'cancer sucks' aspect as well.

So now, both my parents have had their freaky scary brush with death, more than once in dad's case, and come through ok if not unscarred. I'm going to assume for a little while that they're done with the medical emergencies and imagine they are going to stay healthy until they die of extreme old age in the very, very far off future.

1 comment:

suejansen said...

This is awesome news, Lisa.

I am glad she came through everything OK.


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