October 23, 2008

More pretty things!

Birthday flowers from mom and dad

Now I know what mom was doing on her walks around the neighborhood - reconnaissance. Thank you guys for the flowers, they're beautiful! I'll call again tonight and see if I can catch you at home.

Since they're so deeply stupid, I have a feeling our cats may be confined to the bedroom until the flowers die. I caught the black one eating a stargazer lily once, and those are supposed to be poisonous. She didn't die, but clearly she can't be trusted. And the grey one is a shit disturber at the best of times. Say goodbye to your freedom, furballs. We have rigged up a system of corralling them in the bedroom. Since our door doesn't actually shut all the way due to crazy Escher-like floors, we have to use bungee cords to connect the bedroom door to the closet door to the fridge door. They'd have to be Steve McQueen to get out of that lockdown.

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