October 23, 2008

You say it's your birthday

Yesterday was a great birthday, Gord and I spent the entire day at the movies. Because there's nothing I like more than candy and stories, and when you see one really good movie it's hard to walk back into the real world. So we saw the Secret Life of Bees, Gonzo: The Life and Works of Dr Hunter S Thompson, and W. Strange mix. We were originally going to see Religulous but then I caught a review of Secret Life of Bees and decided I wanted to see it instead. It really follows the book so much more than the previews let on. From the ads, I thought it was some stupid watered down feel good movie, and it's not. Nothing wrong with that kind of movie, but I can't stand it when someone makes a movie of a book and changes the whole feel of it just to make it more marketable.

Gonzo and W were both good biographies, both very sympathetic to their subjects. In Hunter S Thompson's case I can understand it because he's a cultural icon, one of those completely insane over the top personalities that can get away with anything just because of who they are, and it was all done by friends of his. In W's case, it just seemed like Oliver Stone has gone soft. I'm not saying he should have crucified the man, but he didn't even mention the 'hanging chad' controversy, there was no mention at all of the 2000 election. The movie seems to say that he's a decent guy just trying to prove his worth to his father, and that he is unfortunately surrounded by the devil (Dreyfuss as Cheney) and his henchmen. I can understand having some parent issues, but starting a war...might be overkill. Next time, try therapy.

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