April 05, 2009


are my Google ads for Cat Constipation and psychiatric counseling?

Do I really sound like a mentally disturbed feline with a lack of fiber in her diet?

Why is all my email spam for MLB, Viagra and Russian brides?

Am I a lonely middle aged white guy?

If I post this, what new mockery will the internet devise for me next?


Angela said...

I know you have to agree not to click your own ads. I clicked yours again and they are very funny.

One is an online dating service for geeks called "Geek to Geek"

And one is a "blog" from a lady who just so happens to live in my hometown -yeah right- She tells you how to get your teeth whiter.

Now dare me to blog about something and lets see what kind of ad I get. This could be a fun game!

Lisa said...

Geek to Geek dating, I can see how that would take off :)

I wonder if you'd get ads for dog constipation if you blogged about Todd and Lucy, or is it just me?

Angela said...

Ok....I will blog about Lucy and Todd tomorrow. I thought you would give me a hard one though.

Lisa said...

My hardest blog posts were the one about my divorce, and when I told everyone how I felt about testicles, just because I wasn't sure how that one would be received :)Since you're happily married....you could try tackling strange male behavior. I'm sure you have some gems :P


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