April 16, 2009


Chicago won the first game in overtime. Which is easy enough to do when you have someone sitting on our goalie. Havlat's on my list now. I really hate sudden death overtimes. They bring nothing but bad.

On the good news front - we got the apartment we applied for yesterday! We just have to go down tomorrow to sign the lease. In the future, when the wrong team scores in overtime, the sweet, greasy consolation of a quarter pounder will only be 2 blocks away. So that's something.

And if you can't get paid to work, give it away! I got a call back about volunteering downtown at a non-profit foundation, and am going in on Monday for a few hours.

So besides the fact that I have to go arrange a hit on Havlat, things are looking up.


Angela said...

Maybe the volunteering will give you connections to a paying job. Who knows? Congrats on the apartment.

I thought of a couple of books you might like...

This one is dark:

The Secret History by Donna Tarte

This one is hilarious:

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

Modris said...

Kudos on the apartment! As much as I liked visiting last Summer, that bathroom scared me. Having laundry, counters and free access to school kicks ass as well. Oh, and the jerseys came out in full force for the first game. At school there was even one brave soul in a Chicago jersey. See you in a few weeks!


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