April 08, 2009

Hell no

It was cold and snowy today, and when I got home from class, all I wanted was a hot hot bath. Which I had, and I was happily rereading A Complicated Kindness when I noticed a spider dangling about 3 inches above my knee.

I froze. I watched the spider climb all the way back up his thread to the shower head before I could breathe again. But then the bastard started coming down again. I'm not about to play bathtub chicken with a spider. So I got out and made Gord come get the intruder. I'm not afraid of spiders under normal circumstances, but the idea of one joining me in the tub, crawling on me while I'm naked, that's just too much.


Christie Cottage said...

Spider in the tub???? Scream!!! LOL Glad ou had someone to rescue you!

Angela said...

I am the spider/bug killer at our house. Aubrey will run into a burning building but not kill a bug. I guess we all have our thing. I am glad Gord rescued you.

And what is up with Canada? Stop snowing already!!

Lisa said...

I know! It's not staying long, it's just the crappy little hard snow pellets that melt as they fall, but still! I am tired of toque hair!

Audrey said...

Um - spiders aren't that scary!! My youngest son used to come running if he ever saw one. Luckily he out grew that.


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